How to generate google map key for android?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It is not only about the Android app keystore or the Android Maps API Key. It is a combination of both. We need the keystore when we want to sign a App.
The way you can sign a App is as follow; (I am giving instructions by assuming that you are working with Eclipse IDE)
  • Right click on your project in the Package Explorer window
  • Android Tools -> Export signed application package
  • In Project Checks window, brows your project and go to next window
  • There, select "Create new keystore" and follow the wizard
  • Don't give the default password which comes with the Eclipse debug key
Then you can finish creating a signed key for your app. Next procedure is Android Maps API Key Signup process. Here I am assume that you are doing implementation in a Windows environment

  • Open command prompt
             “C:\Program Files\Java\<JDK_version_number>\bin”
  • Go to the place where you have saved your keystore file in previous process
  • Give the command "keytool -list -keystore keystore.filename" with out quotes
  • They will ask "keystore password", provide the same password given in creating the keystore
  • Then you can get a MD5 key
  • Copy it.
Give the MD5 key on the appropriate place, provide the tick. Then the Google people will provide you a XML code. You have to insert that code in the XML file where you need to load the map.


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