Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) is a command-line tool that has also been integrated into Eclipse as a perspective see in below figure.This tool provides you with direct access to the device—whether it’s the emulator virtual device or the physical device.You use DDMS to view and manage processes and threads running on the device, view heap data, attach to processes to debug, and a variety of other tasks.

Android ships with a debugging tool called the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS), which provides port-forwarding services, screen capture on the device, thread and heap information on the device, logcat, process, and radio state information, incoming call and SMS spoofing, location data spoofing, and more.


For more information about the DDMS, see Appendix B,“The Android DDMS Quick-Start Guide.” You can also find exhaustive details about DDMS in the Android SDK Documentation: http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/tools/ddms.html.


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